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I’m going to put together different compositions. What I want to do is bring together knowledge I’ve learned from experience and research.  Bits and pieces from different scenarios, industries, business, etc and form a “composition” that works and makes sense as a whole.  It also implies the sense of “art”  –  more than just jumbled pieces of words.  I’m an artist at heart and bringing that into businesses allows me to have a creative outlet outside of my art (music in my case)

What are compositions?

Compositions are: the act of combining parts or elements to form a whole.

That’s why I’m calling them #compositions


I have been a consumer and not a producer:

I’ve read more blog posts and listened to more podcasts than I can count.  And actually taken action from some of those.  This has definitely helped me become a successful consultant and now founder of a SAAS application.  (being able to type those things is really exciting)

I honestly don’t think I could have come this far without reading and listening to advice from those a few steps or miles ahead of me.  The change in my mindset over the past years has been significant.  I started as a guy making websites to understanding what it takes to build and start a business.

(many thanks to the foundation community)


I have knowledge to share:

I have learned/grown a lot and understand the pitfalls to watch out for.  From a very strategic and tactical point of view and a personal development perspective.

But it’s more than that…
I’ve learned how to change how I think, but still remain true to who I am.
It’s a process that isn’t quick but has to be done if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur in any capacity.


I believe teaching is important to learn.

And selfishly, I believe if I want to better understand the concepts I’ve learned I need to teach them.  (compositions in my case)
I want to fully comprehend everything I’ve learned and writing it out has really brought to light how I’m feeling in many situations.