Good Words from Great People

I’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing people over the years.

Here are a couple testimonials from some of those folks.

We’ve worked on a handful of critical things with Will but here a few of the most important RGX.

#1 – Implementing an application process and automated sales funnel that is responsive depending on what actions they take when opening and clicking emails.

#2 – Promotion.  We were able to double his number of new sign-ups in the first 6 months of working together and fill out workshops via email and social media marketing.

#3 – The pricing model (up front cost to recurring monthly fee).



The essence of performance in executing your best golf shots, or teaching someone to do so is TRUST. I TRUST Cordie Walker in his knowledge, skill, understanding and interest in helping me succeed with growing my brand and my business. He “gets” me and is truly a trusted advisor who I rely on to look out for me and my initiatives.

He helped me come up with a plan and then execute on that plan. Here’s the best part. We tripled my sites traffic and now generate a consistent stream of online leads.

Not only that, but he’s given me the support to stay focused on what I need to work on and brought clarity to growing my platform.

Joe Bosco



Cordie has made life for us over at The Ecommerce Influence Podcast 100x easier.

We went from spending hours upon hours each week editing, uploading, and formatting down to just a few minutes, which is spent only on quick final review of each episode’s content. This has allowed us to spend more time working on our business instead of in our business, and profits have increased dramatically as a result. On top of that, Cordie has used is his production experience to help us improve our podcast from a content and story perspective.

We’re no longer a run-of-the-mill podcast like so many others out there, and it’s improving our downloads per episode and listener retention.

Chad Vanags & Austin Brawner



Cordie handles everything for my podcast The Passion Project – from soup to nuts including music, design, technical and editing the shows.

Totally hands off. I would not have launched had I needed to do so much myself. That aspect can’t be under emphasized. I like it that you actually poke me when I am not delivering making sure I keep up my end on the supply side.

Geordie Wardman



I turned to Cordie with a rough marketing concept to help me sell product and get as much exposure for my project as possible. He took the time to understand my goals, technical requirements, and budget limitations.

We had a number of quality discussions and together crafted a strategic plan to deliver my vision online. Cordie designed and developed a fantastic framework to help me begin to accomplish these goals. We’ve managed to develop a site that is converting visitors into users while continuing to increase brand awareness and presence

Jerry Leclair