Full-service podcast production agency working with companies to produce podcasts that not only educate an audience but also generate leads and sales.

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 An educational platform with podcast, videos, articles and training products.  Launched as an audio documentary style podcast talking about golf research the Golf Science Lab now creates media that uses research as the core and creates world class educational products.

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Founded in the summer of 2017 – the flooring collective is on a mission to create a better experience for customers to purchase flooring and transform their home.

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Digital Marketing (specialty in content marketing) Consultant working with select companies to maximize online results.

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Scheduling Ace

Scheduling and management software for golf instructors.

Golf in the Life of…

Education for golf instructors and coaches. Publishing podcasts since 2013 interviewing the top teachers in the industry. In December of 2015 we launched a membership/coaching program for entrepreneurial instructors and coaches

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Cordie INC

Digital Marketing Consultancy.  Website design and online marketing.


Non Technical Founder

Education to help non technical start up founders get their product profitable