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Why I can’t sleep at night – and it’s OK.

At least every other night I lay in bed for hours trying to go to sleep.
I used to fight it.  Get sick of it, even pissed off.  (really pissed off)

But things have changed…  Don’t get me wrong – Going to get a glass of water and seeing it’s 2:00 AM sucks.

Here’s the truth.  It has nothing to do with what I eat, drink, do, don’t do.   So what’s left? What’s going on in life, in my head.

I’m in an ever chaining “uncomfortable” stage in my life.  I don’t have “sure things” right now.
So instead of fighting it and getting pissed off; I’ve decided to embrace it. Embrace the uncertainty.  Embrace the discomfort.  And roll with it.   It doesn’t mean I’ve become complacent.  It simply means “I’m here” – I accept it.


Why you might ask…
What comes out of times of deep discomfort and perhaps even confusion?

Perhaps not complete and final but if you never go through a time of discomfort.  How do you expect to achieve extraordinary results.  If you’re fine with hanging out with same people, living in the same place, driving the same car, taking the same vacations – THIS ISN’T FOR YOU. (and that’s ok)    For those of you that relate…


So what is discomfort?  – It can come in different forms:
# For some it’s “where is that next check going to come from to pay the bills.”
# For others it’s “I have an idea of where I want to be 1 year but have not CERTAINTY that will come true”
# Yet more “I have an idea that I’m desperately working toward and extremely passionate about, but no promises of success”


I’m not going to tell you examples of how Michael Jordan didn’t make his high school team, etc, etc.
But you know deep down if you’re avoiding this stage in life.  This discomfort you have to go through… Only if you’re looking for extraordinary results


If you have a vision a dream.  Awesome.

If you daily or weekly read that and try to remember that.  Even better.


But here is what I have for you.
By no means am I trying to take this out of context or irrelevantly…

Faith by itself, if not accompanied by action…   is dead. James 2:17

I don’t mean to be harsh but, If you don’t go through a period of discomfort.  A time when you (for example) can’t sleep at night.
And take that action – Why have a dream?


Go through the discomfort.  Take the action you need to.  And keep going…