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What’s stopping you from sending out emails to your list?

*if you email once a month yes-keep reading.
**if you send out multiple times a day please stop reading and sending me junk every day. Thanks!

So let’s address this problem…
I think it’s more than a knowledge/info problem (you can do a simple search and find out basic email tips)
but a deeper problem that has roots in your belief system

Number 1

When working with businesses the most common objection I hear when I suggest we send more emails is “I don’t want to be annoying”

A valid point until you dive into it a little more.  The only way you’re going to be annoying is if YOU ARE ANNOYING…  So don’t be annoying.

Sending an article about how to better do XYZ or telling me about a sale you’re having this week isn’t annoying.  I actually find that interesting.
“Thanks for providing value” – is what you would likely hear if you ask 80+% of your database.

It’s all about prospective:
Let’s talk TV and radio ads.  Is that something that people find annoying.  I don’t have any studies to back me up but I typically change the channel during commercials don’t you?  So you won’t send out emails but you think TV and radio commercials are a valid form of advertising?


Number 2

  You don’t want to put yourself at risk.  
For some the greatest fear is getting a negative response from their list. If someone sends back a spelling error in your email or God Forbid curses at you – it’s the end of the world.  Trust me it’s not.  Guess what.  Those aren’t your best customers anyways.

It comes down to this.  What’s the value you can get out of sending an email?
I’ve ran email campaigns that have generated tens of thousands of dollars.
Is that worth it to get a couple rough responses very rarely?  Hell yes.

I think email marketing is still the #1 solution for businesses to improve client retention and effectively market to their prospects.
The value you can get out of it is huge and the risk is very small.  Even if you consistently have people unsubscribe that’s ok (you should have people unsubscribe).

Number 3

I don’t have time to set up emails.  I’m not a designer and don’t have the money to hire one, etc etc etc

Hey guess what.  Don’t worry about how your emails look.  This is something that plainly isn’t true.  I always ALWAYS get better results with plain text emails vs a designed newsletter looking email.  ALWAYS.

Send plain text emails that look like you typed them up and sent them out to just one person.  The more human you get in your emails the better.  (shh don’t tell anyone – but misspellings actually help you out here)  People get enough newsletters you need to stand out and adding another letter to their inbox isn’t doing it.  (well maybe if you use neon colors.) I’m going to try that actually 🙂