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Is it good to be desperate?

How many times have you looked up and it’s been 8:42, at night and the day is gone…

Those 24 hours.
1400 minutes
86,400 seconds


You feel helpless. Even a little panicked.
You’ve probably asked yourself – Did I even do anything today?
It’s so easy to hear “live every day like it’s your last”, or enjoy where you are at but it’s so SO easy to forget about it all and just let the days roll bye. then weeks and months. Gone without a sense of growth or accomplishment. I’ve struggled with this.

And it needs to change.

That’s why I have a new perspective. No matter how successful or unsuccessful.


Each day I’m going to be a little desperate


Desperate enough to send that email I typically wouldn’t
Or go out on a limb and make a phone call that makes me nervous.

So make today a day that matters. Not another one where you just put out fires and send a few emails. A day that creates value and brings with it the seed of greater opportunity.

Be a little desperate today.


If you’re not convinced…
Here’s a story.

I write posts for some digital marketing consulting I do. Info for business owners about how they can improve their websites. I typically simply post them up on social media and promote them pretty casually.

It was probably about 6 or 7 at the end of the day and I felt like I was making no progress. I wasn’t seeing any leads come in that week and I was honestly a bit scared. So what was that one thing I could do (but normally wouldn’t). At that moment the simplest thing I could do was post this article up in a Linked In group I had been active in. Something I don’t normally do because I feel like it’s spam-ish. But I did it anyway.

Guess what? 60+ comments later, over 15 new leads, and 200+ visitors. It was a good choice.

If I hadn’t chosen to be desperate that day I wouldn’t have seen those results.
What action are you going to take?

(I’d love to hear your story if you have something to share)