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Golf Tournament Numero Uno

This is definitely going to be different from anything else I’ve written… Just a heads up.

It’s just several hours after I completed my first tournament in years.

I took several years off from the game. Moved to Florida last fall and decided to pick it back up in February. Why? Because I love competing and I honestly feel like I never reached my potential when playing golf (and now golf is really kind of fun). Now I’m on a journey to see just how good I can get.

What I’ve done so far.

I’ve been getting to the range and short game practice facility 3 times a week. And getting out to play 3-4 times a month. Not having a membership and having to drive 30-40 minutes to play makes this difficult. If I had it my way I would be sneaking out for 9 holes every evening 🙂

I spent some time with Wes Altice down in Palm Coast at the beginning of the year, getting a TPI fitness assessment and working on how I could change my swing to better fit my body. We made some great changes that really kickstarted me to some better ball striking. (Can anyone say consistent cut.. loving it)

Then I spent a weekend with Joe Bosco after reading his book Real Golf: Taking Your Best Game to the Course. (Joe’s now a good friend of mine, make sure to check his site out)

The book is focused on helping you to take your best game to the course. And how to improve your level of play while practicing. I really dig it.
We went out for a 3 ball scramble playing lesson. Talking through different mental strategies and concepts around playing great consistent golf. You can see my scorecard below.

Real Golf Scorecard

So the result from today? 78
Not anything that is going to get me anywhere but a great start. It honestly was a lot of fun. Easier and harder than I thought all at the same time and I got to do it with my wife as my caddie.
Golf Scorecard

The analysis:

My ball striking has gotten better over the past month. I’m hitting more fairways. (thanks to a new driver and custom fitting) and if I’m not hitting greens I’m coming close. (making up downs easier)

Over the first 5-7 holes I really was just trying to get a feel for what I was doing. It was fun to feel the nerves on the first tee and green (missed two knee knockers in the first 3 holes) I struck the ball really well over these holes which left me in pretty low stress situations. Good ball striking continued throughout the round however a string of poor iron shots really held me back over the back 9.

But when I did get in trouble with two errant shots off to the right on a long par 5 I was able to get up down from a tricky downhill lie to a tucked pin. My work around the greens is paying off and I can tell my ability to visualize the shot, feel it, and then execute has come along way in just a couple of months.

Two things I worked on with Joe Bosco helped me through the round..
#1 – Pre living the shot. More than just trying to see it. Seeing the shot and then feeling the emotion of that great shot. It can sound kind of corny but when put into practice it leaves you with a positive experience walking toward the shot.

Which leads to…
#2 Doing the “9s” As soon as I start moving toward the ball I started to say the number 9 in my head. All the way till pulling the trigger. Both of these really helped me to stay focused on the target and not get distracted by any number of thoughts that can go through my brain before I hit a shot

Business and golf progressWhat do I need to work on?

Being OK with backing away from a shot when I’m not comfortable.
Getting more aggressive with my swings. (reckless would be another word)
Eliminate the pull with the driver – a result of trying to control the swing
More consistent solid contact with the irons. Not sure what’s up with this.

The biggest question I have now is this…
I look at a guy who knows he’s going to shoot around par or under par every time he goes out…
Why is that true? He expects it, the people he knows expect it, but really why does it consistently happen?

His golf swing? His Mindset? His Short Game? His putting? HIs belief? His Physical Fitness?

Unfortunately I’m not sure right now. But I’m going to figure it out. Because my goal… Is to become that person.