in Mindset Development


Walter Walter Walter…
What will we do without you?

More importantly – What can we learn from you?

The biggest takaway for me is.  We all should relate.
Working at a job. Living a “normal” life. Being content with your average.
Feeling like you’ve missed your “opportunity”

But what if we knew we had our cancer and only had 6-9 months to live.
What would you do? 
Walt looked at his talents and found a way to get what he wanted.
(or thought he was) security for his family.

Just a heads up but morality isn’t the issue I want to debate.   let’s ignore that  🙂

Here are some questions to make you think a little….

#1 – If you had 6 months to live what skills/talents/experience could you use to accomplish your goals?

Let’s take it a step further…  Do you have what you need to accomplish your goals?

Walt had chemistry.  A skill he was able to leverage for an extremely lucrative return on investment.  Although illegal.  He found the least path of resistance to getting to his goal.

What would be your best skills or experience to leverage to achieve your goals.

#2 – What if your life goals had specific deadlines.

How does your day to day routine change.  If you knew your life was over in 2 years…
Do you get off the couch and stop watching Breaking Bad?  Are you willing to set your alarm and get up in the morning.
Are you willing to spend time taking action when you want to be “on vacation”.

How does your life change?
How uncomfortable are you willing to get?

Willing to roll a barrel across a desert for 4 hours…

#3 – What are the consequences of your goals?

Like most men out there – Walt wanted to leave something behind for his family.  A legacy (money) that lived beyond him. But it wasn’t without consequences. Well… If you’ve finished the show.  Pretty serious consequences. 😉

If you started that business and finally had the financial freedom to do whatever you want.  What happens then?
Does anyone get hurt?  What are you missing in your goals you’re pursuing.

#4 – Who do you need to partner with to make your goals reality?

Walt had Jesse, Gus, Hank who he NEEDED to make his goal happen.

Without those people he would have been screwed.  (the story wouldn’t have happened)
Getting connected with Jesse and Gus was totally out of his comfort zone.  Not people he hung out with on a daily basis.
He went way out of his way as Jesse so clearly illustrates.

“Ah, like I came to you, begging to cook meth. Oh, hey, nerdiest old dude I know, you wanna come cook crystal? Please. I’d ask my diaper-wearing granny, but her wheelchair wouldn’t fit in the RV.”

Strategically who do you need to partner with to make your dream reality?