I’ve had a lot of success over the years with content marketing.

How do we attract an audience, get them to enjoy the content enough to join an email list or become a lead, and then create enough of a relationship to have them purchase the product or service.

It’s a process that when done right can create massive good will with your audience and be highly profitable.

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Why me?

Quick Story – I also recently tested myself to see how quickly the entire content marketing cycle can be done with the ability to generate revenue that makes it all worth while.

The concept was to create a series of podcasts based around one topic in golf. Each show focusing on one specific aspect. The first season of the Golf Science Lab launched on September 17 focusing on Motor Learning.

We created 9 episodes with some world class experts in the field. Attracting over 10,000 listeners and 13,000 website visitors from Sept – Dec 1. Over that time we built up an email list of 1300 people.

With that traction at the end of the 9 episodes we launched a virtual summit bringing together 19 presenters all focused on the same topics we did in the season of podcast episodes.

Tickets were either $125 or $145 depending on when purchased and we sold 124 during the launch.

All told through 9 pieces of content, an effective email capture and email sequence to get people familiar with the brand with traffic driven from social media (Twitter and Facebook groups) we were able to generate over $18,000 in revenue from the Golf Science Lab.